Pursuing True Joy: Philippians

Where can you find true and lasting joy?  The book of Philippians is like a lightweight prizefighter – a little book that packs a big punch.  In the book, the Apostle Paul says he has learned the secret of a joy that is not dependent on his circumstances, that trusts God and seeks to honor Christ in all circumstances.  This secret can change your perspective and change your life.  

Join us as we listen and learn from God’s Word how to pursue true joy…


1.  A Beautiful Church

2.  A Prisoner for Christ

3.  I Will Rejoice

4.  Gospel Citizenship

5.  Complete My Joy

6.  The Mind of Christ

7.  Honoring the Sacrifice

8.  Examples of Christ

9.  The True Joy of the Christian

10.  Conversion

11.  Knowing Christ

12. Pressing On

13. Guarding the Heart In Conflict

14. Contentment and Generosity

15. Christ Our Reality